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1.Cookie Notice

This site utilizes cookies to give you a more personalized and responsive experience. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies by i2a Technologies. Please read our Cookie Notice to know how we gather your information when you visit this site, as well as how to delete or block cookies.

2.Cookie Policy

This website uses personalized cookies to improve your experience. By continuing, you agree that you have agreed for us to use them. Find out more here.

We use cookies on this site to provide the best user experience and serve ads based on your interests (you can read our cookie policy for more information).

i2a Technologies’ Privacy Statement includes a Cookie Notice. Please visit the Privacy Statement for more information about i2a Technologies and how it protects your information. Cookies are text files that are transferred to your computer, mobile device, or any other device you use to access a website and include small bits of information. On each subsequent visit, cookies are sent back to the originating website or to another website that recognizes that cookie to assist us in providing you with services, solutions, or content that may be of interest to you.

Cookies are required for the website to function because they identify which pages and actions you have previously performed. They are used by the website to personalize the user experience on the web pages, enhance content about i2a Technologiessolutions and services based on user preferences, and on occasion, give information for marketing or advertising online, either directly or through third-party partners. Cookies are essential for access to the Site and for the website's fundamental functionality.

Cookies and other technologies may be used to collect information from you whenever you access this Website. By using this Website, you agree to i2a Technologies's use of cookies, as described in this Cookie Notice, as well as the use of cookies.

3.What cookies do i2a Technologies use and why?

"Cookies" and other technologies, like analytics, may be used by i2a Technologies sites and email communications. These technologies enable us to: Estimate our audience size and usage habits; Store information about your preferences, allowing us to better personalize the Site and content according to your unique interests; and speed up your searches.

When you return to the Site, we'll be able to recognize you.

It is required that you acknowledge the policy and give consent to the processing of your data. i2a Technologies uses the following cookies to achieve the above goals:

Type of Cookies

Session Cookies

These cookies are only retained for the duration of your visit to our website and are automatically removed when your browser is closed. They make it easier for a website to recognize when a user on a specific device is moving from page to page.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are stored on the user's computer after the browser has been closed, allowing a website to remember your actions and preferences.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are those that are set by someone other than the website's owner. Google Analytics third-party cookies are used on i2a Technologies site pages.

Performance Cookies

Third-party cookies are those that are set by someone other than the website's owner. Google Analytics third-party cookies are used on i2a Technologies site pages.

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies keep track of your choices and allow us to customize our website to your preferences. We use cookies to save your location preference, for example, if you set your location.

i2a Technologies or its third-party service providers may also employ analytic services to determine the effectiveness of i2a Technologies content, gather behavioural data, and improve the speed and accuracy of our Website.

This information is used solely for statistical purposes, and i2a Technologies Solutions has no intention of using it to personally identify any user. If you have given your consent or registered with this site, i2a Technologies may combine this information with data from its web analytic services and cookies to analyze how you use this Website in full depth, which may be considered personal information.

4 Managing Cookies

By using this Website, you give consent to i2a Technologies placing cookies on your computer or device for the purposes described above. You may, however, monitor and regulate cookies in a variety of ways. Please be aware that deleting or blocking cookies may have an impact on the user experience, and portions of this Website may become inaccessible.

5. Browser Controls

Most browsers enable you to view what cookies you have and delete them individually, as well as block cookies from certain or all websites. Be aware that deleting all cookies will wipe out any preferences you've established, including your decision to opt-out of cookies, which necessitates the setting of an opt-out cookie. Please be aware that until you change your browser settings, you will accept cookies from this website.

6. Managing Analytics

You can choose not to have analytics cookies track your anonymous browsing activity on websites.

7. Managing Local Shared Objects or Flash Cookies

A local shared object, often known as a flash cookie, is similar to conventional browser cookies in that it can store different sorts of data. The mechanisms indicated above will not be able to control these cookies. These cookies are used by various elements of this Website to store user preferences for media player functionality, and without them, some video material may not play properly.

8. Social buttons

Users can share or bookmark online sites using the social buttons on the website. These are links for third-party social media networks, and these sites may keep track of your online activities, including your visits to this Website. Please read the separate terms of service and privacy policies of these sites to learn more about how they use your information and how to opt out or delete it.

9. External web services

i2a Technologies may utilize external web services on this website to display material inside its web pages, such as to display photographs, show videos, or conduct polls. i2a Technologies, like the social buttons, has no control over whether or not these sites or external domains collect information about your usage of the embedded content.

10. Email Communications

To make its communications more useful and entertaining, i2a Technologies may employ tracking tools to detect whether you have read, clicked on, or forwarded certain email communications that i2a Technologies sends to you. You must unsubscribe if you do not want i2a Technologies to confirm whether you have opened, clicked on, or forwarded its communications, as i2a Technologies cannot send these emails without tracking enabled. Registered subscribers can contact i2a Technologies at any time to adjust their communication settings, or they can unsubscribe by following the instructions in the individual email emails they receive from i2a Technologies.

i2a Technologies reserves the right to change or update this Cookie Notice at any time. When i2a Technologies updates this notice, the revision date at the top of the page will be updated, and the new or amended Cookie Notice will be applicable for you and your information as of that revision date. i2a Technologies urges you to consult this Cookie Notice regularly to stay informed about how it uses cookies.